Guide 4 – Updating your recovery to the latest version available

Custom roms have become popular these days and lots of people are hoping that there’s a rom available for their devices.
The term ‘Cyanogenmod’ might be familiar to you.
It’s the most popular operating system as a replacement for Android, but still based on Android.
Luckily, developers have ported different versions of Cyanogenmod for the Samsung Galaxy Trend Plus!
Feel free to download your desired rom from the Downloads page on this site.
However having a custom rom is awesome, you won’t be able to actually install it without meeting some prerequisites:

-You should have about 80% of phone battery on the moment you’re going to start flashing.
-You should put the rom zip file in the root directory of your sd card and leave it unextracted.
-You must have a compatible recovery.

That last requirement is a very important one.
Flashing a rom with the stock Samsung recovery will result into an error.

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