Guide 3 – Choosing a Gapps package

After installing a custom rom, you might want to install a package of apps (including the Google Play Store and Services), known as GAPPS.

There are GApps
packages in different kinds and sizes, but which one should you choose?
We’ll help you make that decision in this guide.

Each Android operating system has its’ own Google apps.
(E.g.)For Android Jellybean, you’ll want to search for a 4.X GApps package, for Lollipop 5.X, etc.

Also, there are different sizes of packages for each Android version available.
For a device like ours, it’s recommended to install a package of a minimalistic size.
This will only include some core apps, that are required for the most apps to run properly.
Beneath is the list of the available GApps packages for a specific system, sorted in sizes (with on top the smallest and at the bottom the largest packages).

-Pico GApps
-Nano GApps
-Micro GApps
-Mini GApps
-Full GApps
-Stock GApps

For our devices, it’s best to install a small package like Pico GApps or Nano GApps, cause the internal storage is limited to 2GB and only a small part of it is reserved for the system partition.

For Cyanogenmod (12.1) roms there’s an other problem.
When you install the wrong package, you can get a ‘Starting Apps’ message every time you boot up your device.
This applies to the Galaxy Trend Plus and the Galaxy S Duos 2!
The most optimized package for our devices is the TK Pico GApps package 5.1.1 in this case.
Do NOT install the OpenGapps package, cause this will result to the message I’ve mentioned earlier!

That’s all you need to know about the Google Apps.
I hope this has helped you with taking your decision of which Google Apps package you’ll install.
Happy flashing!

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