Guide 1 – Installing a Rom

After reading this guide you will be able to flash stock-based and aosp-based roms without any problems!
These 2 types of roms may require different recoveries, but in general, the steps are the same.

*Odin 3.09
*Samsung Usb Driver (Not Kies!)
*Your desired rom in zip format
*the latest TWRP recovery (CWM is abandoned, not recommended!)
*a pc
*A Gapps package for your platform (optional)

Go carefully throughnthese steps.
Skipping one of them can result in problems with the rom, so do this carefully.

-Download all the required files.
-Install the Samsung Usb Driver package and reboot your pc afterwards.
-Boot your phone into download mode by pressing (power+home+volume down).
-Plug your Usb cable from your phone to your pc.
-Start Odin, you should see one of the boxes contain text and it should be coloured.
-Put your recovery file into the PDA box.
NOTE: Using any other recovery than TWRP can lead to unexpected results!
-Click on the ‘Start’ button and wait until the box on the left right is green and says ‘PASS’.
-Unplug your Usb cable and reboot your phone into the new recovery by pressing (power+home+volume up).
-I assume that you’ve already downloaded the rom zip file.
This file should be in the root directory of your sd card.
-The next steps depend on the recovery you’re using:

For CWM (not recommended):
-Make your selection by moving the volume keys.
Pressing the power button will select it.
-Select the Wipe data and cache option.
-Go to the format menu and format /system.
-After formatting the system, mount it.
This option should be available in the same menu.
-Select the Install zip from sd card option.
-Browse to the rom zip file and select it.
– Your rom will be installed.
-Reboot afterwards.

-Make your selection by simply pressing a button.
-Select the Wipe option.
-Select Advanced Wipe.
-Format system, data and cache.
-Now go to the Mount menu and mount everything.
All boxes should be checked.
-Now select the Install zip option.
-Install it from either the internal sd or external sd.
It depends on where you saved the file.
-Select the rom and swipe the slider to the right to install
the rom zip.
-Your rom will be installed.
-Reboot afterwards.

You’ll now have your rom installed!

Optionally, you can install a Gapps package.
This isn’t recommended, unless your rom doesn’t have Google apps (GAPPS) pre-installed.

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