XP6 Rom

The XP6 rom is also based on the stock rom and is themed to the new Samsung Galaxy S6! It contains lots of features and the rom is still in development, so much more features are on their way!

This rom balances the beautiful theme of the S6 together with performance and rom stability, so this rom is definitely recommended for your device!

The features below are already available:


-S6 systemui
-S6 sounds
-S6 Wallpaper chooser
-S6 Icons (more will be added in a future release)
-S6 Weather widget
-S6 Calculator
-S6 Memo
-S6 Sound recorder
-S6 Music
-S6 Internet browser
-S6 File explorer
-S6 boot animation
-S6 shutdown animation
-Optimized kernel
-Haptic modifications
-S6 Framework
-S6 Windows
-S6 Power menu

Todo list:
-We’ll see 😉
All bugs should be gone in the RC1 version!
Please report if you experience any!

Here are some screenshots of the second release candidate.

Please note, that we’re still working on it and the rom’s features and design might change until release!

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