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Marvin, founder of Team 4DMP

  1. Hi Marvin,
    I’ve been like in a tide for years now to decide which rom is best for GTS7580 in terms of performance -more suitably “Useability” . For sometime I’ve found RR7.1.2 to be my best but it had constant lags on UI and was arbitrarily getting stuck even random reboots occured and as I lost everything from Apps2SD crash, I’ve uninstalled it and got back to official Rom. I’ve tried almost everything until now, all CM roms and RR, and although prefer to have a latest Android version, I’m convinced that all roms get laggy by time. I remember using one of your custock roms to be the most usable as far as my memory reminds me. Even the official roms are no longer usable after a time, although I don’t install that many apps. I can’t avoid it. Worst is with browsing from Chrome, XDA website often makes me cancer, sometimes trying to call someone (or answer the call) is literally impossible. Caller ID doesn’t show up for a lot of seconds and I can’t answer. When I read in your ROM features that System Partition is resized I’m back here again because usable Internal Storage is extremely important on this device. Link2SD type of apps have always been a pain – (I’ve purchased 2 of them) It also seems another performance issue culprit.
    Anyway, I wish to know which Rom of yours do you recommend to have the highest performance gain and the most resources available?
    If the difference is not that much I’d prefer a newer version Android, cause some apps don’t work on Jelly Bean. Any recommendations?

    Best Regards

    1. I’d go for a decent build of cm11, even though it’s based on an older Android version, it’s by far the fastest and most usable rom available for this device in my opinion.
      If you’d really want to use a more recent Android version, you can try cm13 based on Marshmallow, which should have a decent performance too.
      Cm12.1 and Cm14.1 are, like you said, terrible in terms of usability. Also those roms that are based on LineageOS, but have more customization features, are known to be insanely laggy at times. I definitely can’t recommend you getting any of these as a daily driver.
      Your last resort would be to return to any of my stock based roms (I won’t update them anymore, as I’m developing for an other device now).
      Hope that helped you out, cheers!

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